Overview of the company

3rd asset is known for holding multiple companies for many different purposes that are continuously growing and thriving throughout the Midwest region of the United States. As 3rd asset’s overhead lights tend to brighten, it’s power comes from other areas such as Megalux Photo Booth, 3rd Asset ATM Services, 3rd Asset Studios, etc…

Who we are

3rd Asset Companies can be best described as “clutch,” we make sure that every client is given the best service at no cost.

Although we cover a wide range of marketing services, our specialty is in the realm of crowd focused events, event management, event branding and digital marketing. We have an extensive portfolio of branded concepts and annual events that appeal to all walks of life and remain profitable year after year.

What We Do

3rd Asset is a digital marketing and events agency that approaches your business ideas with innovative concepts, creating or enhancing your online and offline presence, and translating that into business sales and opportunity. We don’t just build the machine; we show you that it works.

Why We Exist

We are a conceptual business partnership, in business since December 08′ servicing the metropolitan Saint Louis area. When originally formed, we observed many of the businesses in the area. We found that they all offer a limited, similar group of services, but seem to take advantage of their clients in reference to price.

Seeing the business from that approach, we made it a point to satisfy the needs of those who look for professional service and satisfaction, those who understand the importance of the reciprocal relationship between businesses and the community to which it serves. To provide services readily available to the community without the barriers of unattainable costs while maintaining the luxury of professionalism. Our services are valued because of our ability to provide an array of services at affordable rates, without having to compromise the quality of

Our mission

Every employee at 3rd Asset is charged with being a guardian of our Corporate Value System. These values guide both our business and personal relationships, and we take them very seriously. We believe that our dedication to the fundamental tenets of honesty, integrity and fair business dealings will enable us to continue our long legacy of success.

We are HONEST in our dealings with others.

We DELIVER what we promise in our business and personal relationships.

We always demonstrate COMMITMENT and DILIGENCE in our efforts.

We are always FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, and have RESPECT for others.

We display TEAMWORK. Team members use terms like “we” not “I”. “It’s not my job” is not in our vocabulary.

We are FAIR and EVEN-HANDED in our dealings with others.

We have a sense of URGENCY on matters related to the customer.

We “OWN” problems and are always RESPONSIVE.


We are “easy to do business with.”